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VAMCHN is committed to the advancement of maternal and child health nursing.

The Victorian Association of Maternal and Child Health Nurses (VAMCHN)

Our beginnings

VAMCHN (formerly known as Maternal & Child Health Nurse Special Interest Group), is a professional body of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF Vic Branch) that was established in the 1940s, to support Maternal & Child Health (MCH) in Victoria.

Today, VAMCHN continues its commitment to the advancement of Maternal and Child Health profession and practice. Hence, supporting MCH nurses in the promotion of child and family health and wellbeing through knowledge and practice development.

VAMCHN is active in research, peer support and promotion of MCH. Currently VAMCHN Executive members represent MCH nurses on a variety of Committees, both at a State and National level that focus on the improvement of MCH Service, Government policies, communication strategies and contribute to planning education and training programs for nurses.

Our history

VAMCHN has a long and distinguished history of promoting the professional, industrial and educational interests of Victorian MCH Nurses. Beginning its life as the Infant Welfare Section of the Royal Victorian College of Nursing (1942), the group commenced its affiliation with the then Royal Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) in 1976 through the formation Royal Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) Infant Welfare Special Interest Group in 1976. The group has continued its proud affiliation with ANMF (Vic Branch) through its evolution from the Royal Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) Maternal and Child Special Interest Group in 1987 to the Victorian Association of Maternal and Child Health Nurses, ANMF (Vic Branch) as it is now known.

Working in close collaboration with ANMF (Vic Branch), VAMCHN continues to advocate on behalf of Victorian MCH nurses at local, state and federal government levels (including government appointed bodies such as the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency [AHPRA]). VAMCHN provides peer support and networking for exchange of knowledge and experience and offers scholarships and awards to MCH nurses to support their ongoing professional development and recognise excellence in MCH nursing.

Involvement in the VAMCHN executive provides a fabulous way to advance MCH Nursing issues which are important to you and VAMCHN members such as:

  • Protecting the educational prerequisites and career structure of Victorian MCH nurses
  • Improving and protecting the employment entitlements of MCH nurses (e.g. qualifications allowance, classification and workload management measures)
  • Representing VAMCHN members at the national level including the Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses Association (MCaFHNA)
  • Advocating on behalf of MCH nurses to the current the DET/MAV MCH Service Review

Whether as part of the Royal Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) Infant Welfare Special Interest Group in 1976 or as VAMCHN ANMF (Vic Branch) in 2018, members of these groups have advocated tirelessly to advance the professional, educational and industrial interests of MCH nurses and pioneered the evolution of MCH nursing as it is known today.  

VAMCHN Executive Committee for 2019 - 2020

Executive Position Name Contact
President Anne Colohan
Contact Me
Vice President Kylie Somerville Contact Me
Secretary Lesley Kueter-Luks Contact Me
Treasurer Janet White Contact Me
Membership Karen MacDonald
Contact Me
Website Administrator Pauline Chandler
Contact Me
Editor Elspeth Dove Contact Me
Merchandise (Vacant) Contact Me
Regional Rural Member Leesa Hooker Contact Me
General Committee Members Sarah Hare, Megan Falzon, Lesley Kueter-Luks, Elspeth Dove. Contact Me

Our Sub Committees

VAMCHN welcomes members interested in joining any of the following sub committees to contact our Chair for more information: 

VAMCHN sub committees:

  • Newsletter Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Conference Committee

VAMCHN Executive members currently represent MCH nurses on the following committees:

  • Breastfeeding Project Reference Group
  • University Liaison Committee
  • MCaFHNA (Maternal, Child & Family Health Nurses Australia – National Body)
  • Representation on MCH Expert Reference Group (MAV/DET)
  • Representation on MCH Initiatives Subgroup (subgroup of ERG: MCH Framework)

Our Objectives

To promote the professional and educational interests of MCH Nurses

  • To promote the professional and educational interests of Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Nurses
  • To provide peer support and networking for exchange of knowledge and experience
  • To raise the public profile of MCH nurses in metropolitan and rural areas
  • To continue working in close liaison with Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF Vic Branch)
  • To liaise with the Department of Education and Training (DET), the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and other related government departments on issues related to the MCH service
VAMCHN Rules of Group 2014

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